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I have been a professional video producer for more than thirty years. I love telling stories in a visual medium. I started my career working in television production. Today, I work with a talented crew in videography, editing, voice talent and motion graphics. For each project, I bring together exactly what you need to tell a compelling story - as much, or as little as your budget allows.


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If you would like to see my settlement, day-in-the-life, or capital case videos, please contact me directly. Meanwhile, enjoy my other videos by clicking the link below.


Melissa Powers is a gifted artist who gets results.

Bringing single-minded commitment and painstaking attention to the  details of each project, she creates visual narratives that breathe life  into stories that are otherwise ignored. She has made two videos for  me, and they both accomplished the impossible -- persuading state and  federal prosecutors to spare the lives of two people who were facing the  death penalty. Working with Melissa is a personal and professional  pleasure. She makes every frame count.

                        - Jackie Walsh

                           Walsh + Larranaga Law

Working with Melissa was a pure pleasure.

A consummate professional, Melissa met every deadline and budget  item. Our finished project is exactly what we wanted for our intended  audience. Melissa listened to our ideas and shepherded us through the  steps to get the video we needed at the end. I will call her again and  recommend her to others.

                      - Marilyn Cover

                        Classroom Law Project

I hired Melissa Powers to produce a settlement video in an aviation crash case.

I cannot recommend Melissa highly enough. Her work was totally top  notch and professional. We feel it made a huge difference in the outcome  of the case, and it made a difference to the client. He knew he had a  wonderful advocate and friend in Melissa.

                  - Lawrence Baron, Attorney

Trying and settling a case is fundamentally about telling a client's story.

In a recent head injury case, I was able to settle the case for a  substantial amount. Melissa's documentary style settlement video was a  powerful and effective tool for communicating this story through visual  images and compelling narrative. Without hesitation I can recommend  Melissa; she does fabulous work.

                   - Richard Yugler, Landye Bennett Blumstein LLP

Melissa's video was instrumental in getting my client's case settled.

The judge was very impressed with the video, and it helped us secure  one of the largest personal injury settlements in British Columbia  history.

                        - Frank Susak, Attorney

Melissa was instrumental in helping to frame the story.

In a tragic case involving the death of a 16-year-old boy, Melissa put together a powerful video that resulted in a very favorable settlement. The defense commented that the video was compelling and very convincing in showing the loss suffered by the parents. I highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking to produce this type of video.

                  - Loren Etengoff, Attorney

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